Quick steps to create a membership site

  1. Create a new site (or use an existing)
  2. Go to Settings > Member Areas
  3. Switch the toggle to On
  4. It will take you back to Pages menu
  5. In the Member Areas section of the left menu, click the + to add a Member Area (membership plan). Choose the settings you want.
  6. Now add a page in the Not Linked section of the left hand menu (this will be the signup/plans page).
  7. Select Blank when it asks you for a layout.
  8. Name the page 'Plans' or something, and set it as the Homeapge.
  9. Then Edit the page and hover the content area to add a Block.
  10. In the Blocks popup, search for a block called Member Sign Up, add it and link it to your Membership plan.
  11. Add more content to the page if you want.
  12. Back in the Member Areas section of the left menu, add a page using the + Add Page link (this page will be the private content)
  13. Add some content as a demo, then Save.

Thank you to Makerpad member Mark Bowley for writing up these steps!


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