This tutorial will show you step by step how to validate any service-based product MVP to test whether people want what you can offer. Mechanical Turk from Amazon recruits participants to perform tasks that are hard to do with computers but easy to do for people (such as screening for inappropriate images, summarizing content, reviewing websites, etc.) and Google Surveys allows you to survey different kinds of people. Both of these can be created with this tutorial. Total budget is a maximum of $110 (may not be necessary depending on what you’re building). Total time is probably 2-3 hours worth of work, and you can start taking in money!

The first step is to think of what service you want to test. In our case, let’s do a survey panel. This can basically be replaced by any service you want though, from offering to deliver coffee to someone’s door to helping them edit their writing, ordering them regular orders of flowers, and more!

Then we’ve got to make a few accounts. Let’s start with Ship on Product Hunt, where you’ll be getting your customers from.

Then you’ll want to hop over to Stripe and create a Stripe account. Also hop over to Typeform and create a Typeform Account.

Then link the Stripe account to your Typeform, add any details you need in the Typeform, and copy the link.

Place the link on your Ship page, and turn it to promoted. You can pay for ads if you want, promote it through your network additionally. It’s $80 to allow for promotion on Product Hunt’s “upcoming products” page.


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