When you’re just getting started with your no-code journey it’s natural to start out with lots of questions. What are the best tools that you should try first? What are the easiest or hardest platforms to learn? What are the simplest projects you can build? Is it possible to learn no-code projects with just a few spare minutes and what are the fastest skills you can pick up! We’ll help you to find out! 

Makerpad now has 200+ tutorials as part of our educational content platform. There’s something for all levels of expertise. Our ‘Basics’ tutorials are great if you are just getting started. Our ‘Clone’ tutorials are great ways to learn skills by building out app functionality you are already familiar with and applying that structure to your own content. We also have lots of advanced and longer tutorials to help you to learn how to integrate multiple tools together, build complex workflows, take payments to build functional real-life businesses and push the boundaries of what no-code can do!  Join us as we count down through our top 10 most popular tutorials! We hope to share with you what other members are most interested in learning and what skills are in high demand. We’ll tell you what type of tutorial it is, what tools are needed and exactly how long they take to complete! ‍

10 - Cameo clone in Glide - book video shout-outs from celebrities

In this written tutorial we build a clone of Cameo - an app where you can purchase personalised video shout-outs from your favourite people & celebrities. First of all make sure you have a Glide account and that you are ready to get logged in. It’s an intermediate tutorial involving building 2 Glide apps and getting them integrated with each other. 

Tools used: Glide, Google Sheets, Zapier & Stripe. 

Estimated time to complete: 1 hour +

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9 - Selling digital products with Gumroad with Notion & Super

In this quick video lesson we will be walking through three different ways that you can link your Gumroad store with Super and your Notion website without compromising on the look and feel of your personal brand. This is a short tutorial as part of a larger Deep Dive and will help to introduce you to several great no-code tools. 

Tools used: Gumroad, Super, & Notion 

Estimated time to complete: 10 mins‍View Tutorial

8 - Airbnb clone with Bubble

In this written tutorial we walk through how to build an Airbnb clone using Bubble. This includes searching for accommodation, viewing & booking listings, calculating prices and managing your own listing and taking payments too! This tutorial shows you how to create your own property booking app in just a couple of hours! 

Tools used: Bubble, Stripe. 

Estimated time to complete: 2 hours View Tutorial

7 - How to build a basic membership site with Carrd.co

This is a quick video lesson on how to build a simple membership site using Carrd, creating a landing page with hidden content that is made accessible to your members by using MemberStack.

Tools used: Carrd, MemberStack

Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes

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6 - Build a subscription platform like Patreon

In this video tutorial we show you how to build a platform to host, manage and grow your subscription powered community. By the end of this tutorial you will have a fully functioning product with an aggregated news feed where users can create a community, create public and members only content, take subscription payments, manage posts and profiles and see monthly revenues. This is a long, detailed tutorial that has been broken down into bite-size sections to help you along! Tools used: Adalo

Estimated time to complete: 3-4 hours

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5 - Creating a membership website on Webflow

This written tutorial is brought to you by MemberSpace where they show you how to combine Webflow with Memberspace to create a membership site. Webflow is a visual builder that lets you create websites quickly. Paired with MemberSpace you have all the tools you need to create a functional membership site right at your fingertips. Memberspace put together this guide to help you learn not only how to use MemberSpace with Webflow, but also how to use Webflow to create a website. By following this guide, you will not only be able to create a functional website, but you will also learn helpful tips about membership site creation. This is a long and detailed tutorial with 9 sections with lots to learn!

Tools used: Webflow, Memberspace

Estimated time to complete: 3-4 hours

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4 - A Meetup clone built in Adalo

In this video tutorial we show you how you can make a simple clone of Meetup.com that will be able to list and create meetups, have attendees, take payments and display how many tickets are left. You'll also be able to manage/update your meetups and account once created. The tutorial is broken down into 12 video sections to help you to simplify this more advanced lesson.

Tools used: Adalo, Stripe

Estimated time to complete: 3-4 hours‍View Tutorial

3 - Job Board in Webflow

In this video tutorial we walk through all the steps needed to create a place to post job adverts and receive applications. This job board is built on Webflow and can be easily customised.

Tools used: Webflow, Zapier 

Estimated time to complete: 2 hours‍View Tutorial

2 - Build an Airtable powered mobile app with Adalo

In this video tutorial we'll show you how to create an app with Adalo that is powered by live data pulled in from Airtable.

Tools used: Airtable, Adalo

Estimated time to complete: 40 mins 

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1 - Creating a marketplace app on Bubble

Our most popular tutorial by far! In this tutorial you will create a marketplace app for buyers to view all listings or search for specific items, explore a seller’s shop and buy an item with 1 click using their credit cards. It also allows sellers to create seller accounts and create new listing and you, the marketplace owner, to earn a commission on all transactions. We’ll do this all without code, on Bubble. 

Tools used: Bubble

Estimated time to complete: 2 hours 

View TutorialWe hope you’ve enjoyed taking a sneak peek at our most popular tutorials and that maybe you’ve seen some to try out soon! It’s clear that Bubble, Adalo & Webflow are the most complex tools with the longest tutorials by far but also some of the most in demand tools to learn with most of the top 10 featuring just those 3 tools! Some of the most watched shorter tutorials tend to focus on building something specific like a clone of an existing app, a job board or a particular business type like a subscription or membership site. This shows that people choose these tutorials to get a specific job done. They want to get to their end goal of building a live project - rather than to learn about a tool or no-code in general. Take a look at all our tutorials here Makerpad.co/tutorialsAre there any tutorials you think we should make next? Let us know on Twitter @Makerpad