Tell us a little bit about your background and general experience?

I’m an Engineer by background – my work has been in product design/ development and now I’m getting into no-code. I’m an all-round product person, that’s my focus.

What started your journey into no-code?

I just stumbled across the new no-code space, I read a few articles on it and thought to take a look, but to be honest, I kind of rode it off to begin with. When I first looked at the new no-code tools, like Webflow, I thought it was pretty much the same as the basic kind of web-building stuff like WIX was. It’s just something to use for landing pages, blogs and basic e-commerce.

Then I came across what Ben was teaching on Makerpad, using and combining platform tools, and invested in building my skills around creating stacks of tools that build out solutions. This is where it really got interesting and opened up what is actually possible with these tools.

“The number one thing that I like about no-code is speed. Being able to go from zero to product in a ridiculously short amount of time.”

What did you build?

I actually used no-code to figure out no-code! I was trying to build and learn how to merge and stack tools together and would have really specific, detailed questions about technical aspects of it and realised that there really wasn’t anywhere to ask these questions, at all. The market is so new, and there still wasn’t anywhere I could go, to get this kind of information. So, off the back of this I decided to start a no-code wiki. ( where people could ask these questions.

What tools or platforms are you have been using for your no-code project?

Webflow, Airtable, Zapier, Memberstack and JetBoost. Plus Mailchimp for email.

I started messing with bubble at first but found it too complicated and the key was really mixing and stacking tools in new ways.

What have you found most surprising about the no-code community so far?

Honestly, how small the community still is. It feels like the very beginning of a new game-changing segment, I just thought it would be bigger. It’s nice in a way, I feel like now I’m interreacting with people across the community at large. I find there is now a lot of things you can do with these tools and still not a lot of people

It’s absolutely going to grow, it’s just the beginning. When there is a place where real value is being added, the market catches up.

A request/ up and coming thing you want to plug?

Yes! If you have questions that you would like answered on all things no-code – check out