Can you tell me a little bit about your background and general work experience?

I’m a fitness instructor for the fitness studio F45 in Toronto Canada. Outside of that I consider myself a tinkerer of sorts!

Did you have a prior background with coding or design?

Well, no, but how I got into this space is just thought learning and building projects of my own on the side. I built my first project about five years ago which was like blinkist, book summaries, for health and fitness professionals called “fit knowts”. I learnt a lot, it was my first experience of end-to-end building something. In the last year or so, I have taken some bootcamps in iOs development and app development. What this experience has taught me was just how much goes into building something with code and even the complexity of making small changes.

What started your journey into no-code?

The no-code tools are pretty amazing. Being able to bring to life the kinds of designs I see, and even just making what I know is a complex visual edit in a code-based app, by dropping and dragging something – is pretty amazing. I’m not trying to build a new Spotify or something super complex. I want to build tools that can help my studio, and industry with specific organisational and operational problems. How to get things out of MINDBODY and into a better, more informative format. That doesn’t really require a complex new built software solution.

“When, as a builder, you can stop thinking about the code and start to move around within it, to think about actual flows, and how to construct real things. You are a builder. The hurdle to do that, really comfortably with a code language is just so high. I get that with no-code. Things work, I can edit them, I feel like, for me, it’s more native and there is so much creative power in that.”  

What have you found most surprising about the no-code community so far?

I’m so impressed with what people can do now with all the tools, the speed at which things are being developed and adopted it’s just so impressive. For most things, there are two or three really valid options to build things, all with different tools. The community spirit of helping each-other is also really great. I’ve found it to be a powerful feedback loop for my project.

What are you working on now?

I’ve built a dashboard that’s set up to support the operations of F45 fitness studios. The platform has been in beta with a few local studios and will be released out. The point is that we are actually in the business day to day, and understand the true needs on the ground, and are building to service that. We are not launching it just yet, but you can find me on Twitter @tsquaredt to keep in the loop on when it launches.