This tutorial will walk through the setup guide for your ecommerce store in Webflow. This is where you can set up things like shipping, taxes, and notifications.

  • Click on the shopping cart, ecommerce, and click on set-up guide
  • Start with business address and work down through the entire guide.
  • General - business name and address, currency, language and region.
  • Payment - connect to Stripe and/or Paypal
  • Checkout - Please note: to enable checkout, you must have an Ecommerce hosted plan.  Enable checkout as a last step to setting up your store.
  • Shipping - Set up shipping zones and methods for applicable countries
  • Taxes - check with your applicable tax codes to set up
  • Notifications - review each to set-up and email addresses are correct
  • Integrations - connect to Facebook, Google or Shippo as applicable