We're pleased to share that Servicebot is now a Makerpad partner. Servicebot is a UI toolkit to simplify Stripe subscription billing. It provides easy and fast drop-in billing pages for your SaaS app, with no-coding required. Save months of integration time by using Servicebot’s sign-up forms. Add in a Servicebot sign-up page that is directly connected to your Stripe account. It allows customers to create an account and pay for their chosen pricing plan, all on your website. 

Create tiered pricing pages and add them to your site using their copy & paste embed codes. The pages include working Stripe subscription buttons and pricing plans can be easily edited and efficiently maintained without needing to code. Servicebot gives you a self-service subscription portal for your SaaS customers in minutes. So you can securely show your customers their subscription information and let them change their plans themselves! 

Check out their company profile to see how Servicebot can save you hours of customer support time and grow subscription revenue. Ask your Servicebot questions and share your projects in the community to get started.