Join David Adkin - Adalo and Tom Osman - Makerpad for this webinar where they'll dive into Adalos latest feature release...Cloneable Kits!

One of the most recent new features released in Adalo is the ability to clone. Clone what, exactly? There are three use cases for utilizing the cloning feature in Adalo.

Creating full app templates

- Create a full app with all related functionality & database structure, and allow your app to be cloned and used as a base for someone else’s app.

Making UI Kits

- Make small kits of UI-related elements for others to clone & utilize in their apps.

Creating Functional Kits

- Create an app that displays one function, such as chat, a to-do list, or a checkout cart, & allow others to clone this functionality to understand the logic of building that feature themselves.


Also — the challenge will officially open on Wednesday the 22nd!

See you soon.

This event took place on 21 July 2020


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