Using pre-filled form fields can help save time for those filling out the form, categorize requests or manage feedback. While there are may be times you want the person filling out the form to be aware of the pre-filled data, such as a name or email address, there are also use cases for keeping certain pre-filled records hidden. Airtable now has this functionality.

In this example we will show how to use a pre-filled hidden from field to populate where a the application type a form is being submitted from. This will help track and categorize reported inquiries and could also be used to route issues to the appropriate Customer Support Team.

Per Airtable: “This feature is not a security measure”.  See more documentation from Airtable here.

To get started you’ll need to create a form and pre-fill the fields needed using the following text


 See this tutorial on how to pre-fill an Airtable form field.

For example:

To hide the pre-filled fields we’ll need to add on to our pre-filled URL with the following text: ‘&hide_FieldNameOrTitle=true’ As with pre-filled fields, the FieldName or Title must be an exact match to how it appears in the database.

For example:

For more help using Pre-Filled Airtable form fields and how to hide them , see more documentation from Airtable here


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