In this tutorial, we show you how to keep your community up to date with the latest events happening within it by sharing an events calendar.

You will learn two different ways to share your event calendar with members so they can easily keep up with what’s happening in the community.

1. Embed a calendar in your community

Go to your own Google Calendar and create a calendar for your events. Once done, hover over the name of your calendar in the left menu and click on the three dots to the right — click on 'Settings and sharing'. Scroll down to the 'Integrate calendar' settings and click on 'Customize' under the embed code. Customize the look of your calendar and once you’re ready, copy the embed URL at the top of the page. Then, head into your community and create a new topic.

Within the new topic, click on the ^ next to Advanced settings and paste this into the Custom HTML box. Find the width= in the code and replace 800 to 100%. Then, hide the meta info, and if you want, disable comments and likes. Lastly, pin the topic to the top.

2. Create a shareable link that allows members to click and add the calendar to their Google Calendar

From your Google Calendar, grab the shareable link from under 'Access permissions' in your calendar settings. In your community topic, you can write something like ‘click here to add these events to your calendar’ and link this text to the URL you just copied.


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