This quick lesson is showing you how to build a Product/Market Fit workflow (on Airtable) based from the Rahul post on the Superhuman journey.

Product Market Fit

Set up an Airtable base and in your Table add some columns:

  • Email (email)
  • How would you feel if you could no longer use X? (Single select; Very disappointed, somewhat disappointed and not disappointed)
  • What type of people do you think would benefit most from using Makerpad? (Single Line Text)
  • What is the main benefit you receive from using Makerpad? (Single Line Text)
  • How can we improve Makerpad for you? (Single Line Text)

I’m going to populate some example text but you will need to create a form view to collect responses (we will cover that shortly)

Using the Airtable ‘Blocks’ feature (this is on their pro plans only - you could use other products for these sections) add a chart block, select ‘Pie’ as Chart Type and make sure you are using the right category for the results (How would you feel…)

I won’t spend time on this post talking about the why’s as it’s explained in the original really well but you want your ‘Very Disppointed’ group to be at least 40%.

Let’s now add another column ‘Persona of User’ (Single select) and use options that are relevant.

Now add another Grid View for users who are very disappointed and add a filter for that option

Add a description block and based from your answers on Question 2, build a profile of your ideal user.

Add another description block and write ‘Why do people love the product?’ In your ‘very disappointed’ filter group, copy the responses to “What is the main benefit….” And upload to a word cloud - I used Identify the main things that are mentioned and add them to your block.

Add another description block and write ‘What holds people back from loving the product?’ And look at the ‘Somewhat disappointed’ group (use another grid view with this filter) and who see the SAME main benefit/s as the ‘very disappointed’ group. Upload to your word cloud again and add the main responses in your description block.

This step will/should be done at the start of you setting this up. Create a new view but this time it will be a Form view. Make sure just the email fields and the 4 questions are in the form - tweak any settings (perhaps make the fields required?) You can use this form to get your responses.

Now create a new table named ‘Roadmap’ with columns:

  • What did users love? (Single Line Text)
  • User (Link to Survey -> allow linking to multiple records)
  • Cost (single select; low, medium, high)
  • Impact (single select; low, medium, high)

Fill in the data based on your results and link to the user - if multiple users said the same thing, you could add multiple in the User field.

Now sort by Cost from Low - High and also by Impact High to Low. You now know what to focus on first so you can add two columns ‘start date’ and ‘end date’

Add a new block ‘Gantt’ and set the date fields accordingly so that now you have your product roadmap.

Keep surveying new customers!


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