In this tutorial we'll show you how to track your daily writing habit with Glide.

What you'll need

  • Glide
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Drive

Estimated time to complete

  • 30 minutes

Create a Google Sheet and add the following columns:

  • Date (Insert a date and drag down to populate this column)
  • Title
  • Daily Writing
  • Progress - make this a formula column that references the Daily Writing column. In this tutorial, the formula is =IF(C2=" ", 0, COUNTA(SPLIT(C2," ")))
  • 0 words
  • 100 words
  • 250 words
  • 500 words
  • 750 words

Create a folder in your Google Drive and upload images that will represent 0, 100, 250, 500, and 750 words. Once you have uploaded these, right click on each image, click 'Share' → 'Get Shareable Link' → 'Copy Link' and paste this into your Google Sheet.

Create a new tab in your Google Sheet and name it 'Writing Prompts'. Create a header for a column called 'Writing Prompts' and paste in writing prompts (this tutorial used

Sign into Glide and select '+New App' and choose the Google Sheet you created in Step 1. Select 'Tabs' and create three tabs: Daily Journal, Progress, and Prompts. Make sure the Source for Daily Journal and Progress is the first tab of your Google Sheet. The Prompts tab should be linked to the second tab of your Google Sheet.

Click on 'Data' and create a new column called 'Habit Tracker' and make it a If → Then → Else column. Set up the parameters for your milestones.

Click on 'Layout' and select the Daily Journal tab. Set Title to Date, Details to Title, and Image to Habit Tracker. Click into one of the list items and add a Title, Progress Bar, Text Entry, and Notes component.

Select the Progress tab and make this a Tiles property. For Data, leave everything blank except Image and link it to the Habit Tracker column. Tile Shape should be 4:3, select 4 tiles per role, select Tight padding and Square corners.

Select the Prompts tab and link Title to Writing Prompts. Uncheck 'Show title when image in unavailable.' Click into a list item, add an Inline List component and link it to sheet 1 of your Google Sheet. Hop into the 'Features' tab and add a filter that says 'Date is within Today.'

I hope you enjoy this tutorial preview, if you have any questions please reach out on Twitter @amiedelisa or @makerpad.

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