Everything you need to build your next business idea

Stop procrastinating and get building with this all-action course covering the fundamentals of no-code.
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Launch your ideas faster with no-code.

Thousands of business ideas die a death because founders don't know how to move beyond the idea stage.

With no-code, you can start building small and test ideas rapidly. Even with no technical experience.

This course is everything you need to build your next business idea. And if you don't have ideas right now, that's okay too.

"We have several products, all built on no-code tools. The entire stack is very, very affordable. We've moved from strength to strength. In the last year and a half, we've grown about 5x and we just hit $3 million in revenue."

Karthik Sridharan
Founder, Flexiple

What's in the course?

4 weeks, 4 core modules, taken at your pace.


Module 1: Building websites

This module covers the essentials for building a website without code. You'll learn how to come up with ideas, sketch them out, and decide on what no-code tools will best meet your needs. You'll finish this module by using everything you've learned to build your own website from scratch using your preferred no-code tool.

Module 2: Building and using databases

Module 2 will teach you what a database is, the importance of understanding data flow, and how so many businesses like resource libraries, upvoting sites, and job boards, are all powered by databases. You will conclude this module by building a database-based project of your own.

Module 3: Building and using automations

If databases are the engine, automations are the fuel. In module 3 you'll learn how to supercharge your projects by running them on autopilot. We'll cover what automations are, how to build them, and the importance of mapping them out. At the end of this module, you will be able to confidently build your own automations. You'll need to submit 1 automation project to complete this module.

Module 4: Building mobile apps

With the final module, you will learn the basic framework for building an app without code. You will learn how apps are powered by databases and relational data, before getting to grips with building your first app with different no-code tools. To complete this module and the course, you will submit 1 basic app project using your preferred tool(s).

A course that gets you learning by building.
No boring webinars. No fluff.

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Quick but important things about this course.

It's self-paced.

The course runs for 4 weeks starting Monday 14th February 2022. You'll get all lesson material upfront. Other than the live kick-off session, you're free to learn whenever it suits you. Study one module per week or more if you're a quick learner.

Get out what you put in.

We can't show you the full potential of no-code unless you really commit to building and experimenting with different tools. The more you put in, the more you will get out. We promise.

Also, this isn't school. You'll be given the curriculum and be expected to read, build and learn in your own time. There will be weekly office hours and Slack channels to support you, but outside of that, you're steering your own ship.

Everyone is different, but we encourage all students to spend a minimum of 4 hours per week learning the material and building projects.

You don't need a solid idea.

We mention ideas a lot on this page. That's because most people are learning no-code to help them turn their ideas into real businesses.

But if you don't have an idea, we encourage you to take the course anyway. Why? Because inspiration can come when you least expect it. Many of our students find ideas soon start flowing as soon as they start building and seeing other students' projects.

Ready to build your next business idea?

Cohort starts February 14th 2022
16 hours of on-demand lessons to help you grasp the fundamental concepts of no-code and become a confident builder
Personalized feedback and support from the Makerpad team and a cohort of peers
Lifetime access to the Makerpad private Slack community
Lifetime access to all on-demand lessons and materials
1 year's free Makerpad PRO membership (worth $249)
$50,000+ worth of deals for no-code tools
4.5/5 Average student rating


What are the dates and schedule?

The course runs for 4 weeks starting Monday 14th February 2022. We recommend you study 1 new module each week, but you're free to go at your own pace. After the course ends on March 11th 2022, there will be a project showcase – exact date and time for this is TBD.

Is there any live teaching in this course?

There is a live kick-off event, plus real-time weekly office hours — these are non-compulsory sessions you can attend if you have questions or need extra support. There is also a Slack group to connect with your instructors and peers. There are no live taught lessons.

What's your refund policy?

If you change your mind after buying a seat, we can refund you in full if you make a request anytime up to and including Friday February 11th 2022. Just email with your request, including the email address you used to purchase the course. We will issue the refund within 14 days from receiving your request.

How long do I get access to the course material?

You will lifetime access to the course lessons and materials, so you're free to keep learning and building in your own time once the course ends.

What tools does this course cover? Do I need to pay for them?

The course encourages you to build projects using the following tools: Carrd, Squarespace, Airtable, Notion, Softr, Super, Zapier, Glide, and Adalo.

Not all tools require a paid plan to use them for the nature of projects in this course. All the tools mentioned above have an optional free plan and/or a free trial.

You will be responsible for covering the costs incurred to use any tools. You do get access to Secret deals as part of the course fee (full details available to all enrolled students before the course start date).

Do I get a certificate for completing the course?

Yes, you do. 🙂