Start a new document in Notion. Select the Board database as a starting point.

Name your document ‘To-Do’ and you can rename the columns ‘to-do’ and ‘done’.

Select one of the example cards which have been created and create a template. This template will be available for every new item you add to your board. Name it.  

Add properties:

Priority (Single select): Low, Medium, High

Date created: created date

Due date: date

At the bottom add ‘Description’ and ‘To-Do’s’. Turn them into Headings. The To-Do section here is for any sub-tasks that need to be completed here and the description is if you want to leave any context.

Create a few cards as examples, select ‘Properties’ and add/remove the property’s you want shown in your cards. Move them around if you wish.

Click ‘Add a view’ called My Tasks and select ‘Board’. Here you can filter the tasks assigned to you only.

Add another board view called ‘By Priority’ and group by priority.

Add another board view called ‘By Assignee’ and group by assignee.

Add a table view called ‘All Tasks’ plus a Calendar view ‘Due Dates’

When you look at the views, you can rename the first one we created ‘By Status’.

We can also add a new property to distinguish tasks by type. Select a card and add a property (single select): work, personal.

Make this property visible on your cards.

Add a board view ‘By Type’ and group by type.

Add tasks.


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