There are many ways to get started with WordPress, but the easiest way is to purchase web hosting and a domain to create a WordPress website. In this tutorial, we show you a quick way to install, host, and launch your WordPress site using a service called SiteGround.

This process can look very different depending on the web hosting provider you are using. In this example, we've used SiteGround. You will need to purchase web hosting and a domain to create a WordPress website. If you don't have a domain yet, you can get started with SiteGround using a temporary domain. You can use a subdomain as well, however, it can't be hosted on a platform like Webflow since you will need access to the hosting server. If you don't buy your domain and hosting together from the same company, you will need to edit Nameservers on your domain account to point the domain at the hosting (this can take up to 48 hours to work).

Within SiteGround, under the Website tab, click 'Create a Website'. Next, choose from the following options—in this case we are starting with a temporary domain. Click 'Continue' → Start New Website → and click WordPress. Enter in the email address and password you want to use to access your WordPress site. Hit 'Continue'. Click 'Finish'. It will take a couple of minutes to load your site—if you get this error page, don't fret! Simply refresh and go back to your Website tab.

Click 'WordPress Kit' and click 'Go' under WordPress Admin. Enter your username/email address and password. Voila! You have a WordPress site!

Thank you to Mark Bowley, a Makerpad Creator in Residence, for providing the research for this tutorial!


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