All the building blocks, for any internal tool.

Whether you're building an app to approve beta signups, or an app to manage deliveries, they all have the same building blocks. Tables,TextBoxes, Dropdowns, etc.

Retool gives you building blocks, which you can assemble into any custom internal tool.


Read and write data, wherever it is.

Read data from Postgres, write back via an API. Read some more data from Google Sheets, query it via SQL, then join it to data from Stripe. We support many databases, and any HTTP API.

Because we manage the data fetching and UI, you just have to write the stuff that's actually custom to your internal tool. Like the SQL queries, or the POST requests. Don't worry about storing isFetching in Redux, debouncing duplicate button clicks, etc. We'll handle it.


Track, monitor, and even host all your tools.

We manage authentication, authorization, andaudit logs, all for you. That's the kind of stuff every internal tool should have.

If you're concerned about data security, you can host Retool on-premise, behind your own VPN, in your own VPC, and block all network connections. Contact us to get setup.