f you would like to have a place for your members to create threaded community discussions around various topics (like a Facebook Group or forum) Circle is a great modern tool to do that with.

Circle also allows your members to privately message each other.

Your Circle forum can be embedded onto your site (e.g. within a Member Page) or live outside your website on its own domain.

Or if you don't have a website and simply want to charge money for access to your Circle forum click here for that guide.

MemberSpace has a simple single sign-on (SSO) integration with Circle which means when your members are logged in via MemberSpace on your website, they will automatically be logged into your Circle forum and not have to create a new account of any kind.

How to setup Circle integration

If you prefer video instructions, click below:

If you prefer written instructions, here you go:

  1. Sign up for your early access Circle account here.
  2. In Circle > click the Settings icon in the top right > click Single Sign-On > toggle on Enable SSO:

At first you won't see the 'Enable SSO' toggle by default, you'll have to email support@circle.so for them to enable it.

Feel free to toggle on the other two options below Enable SSO if you want.

  1. In Circle > select MemberSpace from the OAuth Provider dropdown and copy the Callback URL:
  1. In MemberSpace > click Customize in the top navigation > click Integrations > click Circle > paste in the Callback URL from Circle > Select which Member Plans should have access > click Integrate with Circle:
  1. In MemberSpace > one at a time, copy the Client ID, Secret Key, and MemberSpace URL:
  1. In Circle > one at a time, paste in the Client ID, Secret Key, and MemberSpace URL:
  1. In your Circle Settings > click General on the left > make sure you toggle on 'Make this a private community' and then click 'Save changes' at the bottom:
  1. That's it, you're done! Now when your members are logged into your membership they will automatically be logged into your Circle forum.And if someone who isn't logged in tries to access the forum, they will be prompted to log in as a member (via MemberSpace) automatically.The first time each member visits your Circle forum they will be prompted to grant Circle access to their account:
  1. The 'Demo Example' name above will be whatever your MemberSpace site name is. To edit your site name in MemberSpace > click Customize > Connected Websites > Edit Site


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