This was built with Bubble. It allows you to have users, profiles, upvotes, comments, posting links etc. So I built a mini Hacker News.

How it works:
  • Bubble has built in user modules so I just used the Signup/Login popup they provide
  • You need to create two extra Data types (Bubble already includes User as a data type)
  • Links (Comment, Description, URL, Title, Upvote Number and Users Who Upvoted)
  • Comments (Comment Upvote Number, Content, User Who Upvoted Comment)
  • The main content of the site will sit within a Repeating Group
  • Within that you create the structure for the posts.
  • You'll need the Current Cell's Index (for the number 1,2,3 etc)
  • Title text, upvote number and icon, link creators username, creation date and number of comments.
  • Then you need to Start Workflows to make it all stick together.
  • Clicking comments takes you to page item (Parent Group's Link) to generate an item page where you can add repeating group for comments and adding new ones etc.
  • Clicking upvote icon to +1 to the upvote number of that link item plus add your username to the list of users who have upvoted that item.
  • Add a submission page which you add text input fields which link to creating a new item that will be displayed
  • To switch between new/popular feeds you need to create custom states and have the text change the repeating group items (Sort by Popular = True or False)


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