In this tutorial we'll show you how you can automatically create and send contracts to new clients using PandaDoc.

What you'll need

  • PandaDoc (free trial)
  • Airtable
  • Zapier

Step 1

For the first step let's create a new view in Airtable. Select Grid View and call it Contracts Sent. Add a filter to filter by Status - Contracts Sent.

Next over to PandaDoc. Select Templates from the left hand menu. Upload your document or create a template from scratch using the builder.

Once done, select and drag TextFields from the right hand menu and put them on the document where ever you want to pull data into. Name, ClientName etc. Select the field and give it a name. Add these throughout the document wherever you need information added.

Next select and add a Signature field to the document where you want it to be signed by the client.

Once done, exit out and the document will be automatically saved for you.

Step 2

Now over to Zapier. Create a new Zap. Trigger is Airtable, New Record in View. Connect your Airtable account, Base and Table. Select the view Contracts Sent. Press continue and test and continue.

Open Airtable and change a deal status to Contract. This will trigger the Zap.

Once Zapier gets that data through let's add the PandaDoc Action.

Search and find PandaDoc and select Create Document. Connect your PandaDoc account and press continue. Customise the Document with a Name, use the Client name from the previous step e.g. Makerpad Contract - <1. Name: Client Name>. Select the Template we created in the previous step. Select Send Document to 'Yes'. Add a message which will be sent to the client along with the Document. Add email where the contract should be sent.

Next scroll and find the field we created in PandaDoc. They will look like, 'Field: Contact Name' + 'Field: Company Name' for instance. Map both fields from your client Airtable record.

Test and continue. Check the document has been created and sent in PandaDoc.

Step 3

Next let's create another Zap to watch for when the contract is signed. Create a new Zap. Trigger is PandaDoc, Document Completed. Select the Template we created before. Press test and continue. If you sent the document to yourself in the previous step, follow the link and sign the document. Press Finalize Document.

Open Zapier back up and in a couple of seconds you should see the data picked up. Check the data.

Now add Airtable as the next step in the Zap, choose Update Record. Connect Airtable and connect the Base and Table. Now click the button 'Add Search Step' then 'Ok Add It. Connect Airtable + base/table again. In the 'Search by Value' field, find the field that contains the company name from the previous PandaDoc step. Press continue.

Now open the Update Record Action and you should see the ID passed through to the Custom Value for Record ID field.

Find the Sales Stage field and type 'Closed-Won'. This will then go to Airtable, find the record and change the Status to 'Closed-Won' once the contract is signed.

Press test and continue.

Back in Airtable add another view called 'Closed-Won' with the filter where Status is 'Closed-Won'. You should see the deal there now.

Finally, add a Slack step to the Zap to let the team know once it has been signed!

You're done! No more manually created contracts 🎉

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please reach out on Twitter @tomosman or @makerpad.


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