Make sure your audience never misses a post by easily creating a newsletter every time you hit 'Publish' on your WordPress post. In this tutorial, we'll use Newsletter Glue and Mailchimp to create a newsletter from your WordPress posts.

Within WordPress, head to the Plugins panel and click 'Add New.' Search for the plugin Newsletter Glue. Install and activate the plugin. Once you are done, head to the Newsletter Glue plugin in your side panel. Go through the setup steps required by Newsletter Glue. You will need to grab your API key from Mailchimp, select your audience, and the segment/tag you want to use.

Now, at the bottom of your posts, you should see a box with a checkbox that says, 'Send this blog post as an email newsletter...'. Select this. This opens up the Newsletter Glue options. Keep in mind that once you are done testing, if this box is checked off and you hit 'Publish' on a post, it will send an email to the audience/tag/segment you've selected!


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