In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up an email sequence in ConvertKit that fires immediately when a member joins your community. Once the email sequence is set up, you will add an automation that fires the email sequence when a tag is added to a subscriber in ConvertKit.

  1. Click on Automations
  2. Click on Sequences and set up community onboarding email sequence with initial email set to deliver immediately.
  3. Add and edit as many emails in the sequence as you would like, adjusting their delivery date for each.
  4. Hit publish after each email is complete
  5. Exit by clicking on Automations
  6. Select New Automation → Create Automation
  7. Select is added to tag and pick or create a community tag, then click add event
  8. Hit the + and select email sequence and select the newly created email sequence, click add action and turn the automation on.