Often your users need/want to change the information in their 'profile'. But as we build no-code applications, often there is no 'real' log-in or 'real' profile for them to get on and update.

Airtable and Zapier make it super simple to alter this information.

The Set Up

Of course, the products database of user information should be on Airtable for this instance. I recommend assigning a user ID to each of them and notify them of their number... e.g. In my example below I'll be giving myself the User ID 123456. Not only does this help protect other people changing your information by using your name or email but it helps Zapier in looking up the information automatically.

Building the workflow.

First I set up an Airtable base, table and view. Ideally this is what you will use for your database. Make sure there are a few records in the database, if not, add some examples.

Duplicate the table with the records

Create a form on your duplicated table as the form users need to use to update their information. Remember that whatever data is in your original table, must go into your duplicated table. If you get new users added then you must update the duplicated table with that information.

I made USER ID a required field (as we need that!) but everything else optional, which means a user can update any of those fields or leave them for it to remain the same.

Now let's set up our Zapier integration.

First we need to set up a trigger when a new record is entered on the form above (of our duplicated records)

Then we need to search our original table for the data entered.

Depending on what information you are looking to search by, the fields below need to match. So I'm using a unique User ID assigned to each user. Which means I'm looking to search the User ID entered into the form in the User ID field of the original table. You need to select 'Search Value' to be the User ID too - in this example, the User ID of the sample is 987654.

Finally once the User has been found in the table, we want to update the record.

You'll need to select "Use a Custom Value" in the 'Record' field.

Then select the ID from your 'Find Record' step.

You can now go through your form and map the corresponding data fields with your fields in Step 1 (New Record in View).

Now, when you fill in the form with your User ID your profile info will be changed in the Airtable! (It may take a few minutes to update)

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