Tell us a little bit about you

Hello, my name is AJ Picard I built Pastryy a feedback service that provides designer quality feedback on your logos, websites and mobile app designs. I created Pastryy for multiple reasons, when I first started designing I was always to shy to share the designs I was working on since I knew they weren't really the best. I also started exploring all the feedback channels that designers were posting in and the feedback they would receive on their designs never really helped improve their overall design, it was mainly other designers saying what they don't like about that design!

So I decided to create a service that would allow Entrepreneurs, Developers and Designers to easily get quality feedback on their designs!

What did you build and how did you build it?

When I was trying to bring this idea to life I had to figure out how to do that, at the time I was using Webflow a lot but I wasn't sure how to integrate a couple of features like authentication and collect payment.

After about a couple hours of researching I discovered Memberstack, once I saw the tutorial on how easy it was to integrate Memberstack I started building Pastryy. I got Membership up in an hour, this plugin added authentication + collect payment to Pastryy.

Once I had that set up I wanted to figure out a way to give each member there own Members page. After a couple days of watching tutorials, researching and chatting with other Webflow pros in Slack channels I discovered how to offer this feature to our members. I had to purchase a Zapier plan that connected to both Webflow and Memberstack. It took about an hour to set up but thanks to Zapier whenever we bring on a new member Memberstack sends that information to Zapier which then sends that new member info to Webflow, which is how each member has their own individual page. After that I had to figure out a way to share the feedback document our team was creating to each member. So we decided to use Notion which has been the best decision we've ever made. After we create these feedback documents inside of Notion, we change the privacy settings of each document to public so that we can share the link with our members and they can view our feedback. We send this link to the members email and we also add the picture the member has submitted + the link to the members member page. Members can log in and view all the feedback they've received for each submission.

Once that was all set up I went ahead and built the website which took me about two weeks, it would have taken me shorter if I was working on it full-time.

Since we launched in November, Pastryy has obtained 150 members, 100 of those members being students. We've provided feedback on 50+ designs and our revenue right now sits around 100+ a month.

What are your thoughts on no-code?

I think the No-code movement is a beautiful thing, without it I don't know where I would be right now. I'm a designer that doesn't really know how to code, which makes it hard to create the products I have in mind. Thanks to Webflow it not only allows me to develop the ideas I come up with but it also allowed me to start my own design/development studio. Now I can design website for clients and instead of having to find a developer or development studio to build them I can do it myself. In the end this allows me to do what I love to do which is work for myself.

I think the no-code movement is growing very quickly and in ways catching up to the way we code things. I think the real struggle is mobile, there are great no code tools that allow you to build mobile apps but you're restricted when it comes to design. Whoever can create a platform that can publish apps but allow users to integrate custom to designs to that app with out code similar to what Webflow did with the web that's when I think the no-code movement takes off.

Where can we learn more?

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