Are you trying out a new side-project idea? Are you looking for an easy way to contact people who may be interested in a new service? Then you probably don't want to waste time setting up a subscription form and email automation to talk to them.

In this article we'll show you how to create an automated subscription system to test new ideas and quickly contact potential users in just 5 minutes. Really.


Example of a Google Forms embed created in 1 min using Google's templates

Let's just use Google Forms and keep it simple, shall we?

First, I'll take a second to argue that Google Forms is fancy enough for a quick setup.

When trying out new ideas, what's important comes after the subscription form. You need to start talking to your potential users/customers/subscribers, and the faster you get to that part the better.

I always choose Google Forms to create simple surveys because:

  • People are already familiar with them
  • It has free templates -and it's easy to create a new form from scratch
  • You can embed them in a webpage or share it's link
  • Responses get automatically stored in a Google Spreadsheet, which makes for an easy and simple database

And the most important reason to use it: just to try it. If it works, you saved time and got to talking to users really fast. If it turns out you your users really really hate Gforms, at least it only took you 5 minutes to set it up 🤷‍♀️

Now let's get to it:

Step 1: Create your GForm from a template

Like all things easy, GForms has a few templates you can use to try out new ideas. Every time I've used GForms, I've always found a related template I can quickly adapt to my needs.


Step 2: Set up a responses spreadsheet

As soon as you start getting responses, you can click on the spreadsheet button at the top right and create a Google Spreadsheet. Each response will automatically create a new row.


In less than two minutes you got a ready-to-embed form and updated database with everyone's contact info.

Step 3: Connect your spreadsheet to Palabra

Create a new workflow in Palabra and add a trigger when a new row is created on Google Spreadsheet


Be careful to connect the same Gmail account in which you created the GForm.

It should look something like this:


Step 4: Choose your template and create a sequence

There are many templates to choose form, just pick the one that fits what you're trying to do and adapt it to your own needs.


Since it's easy, I'd recommend for you to create a sequence to keep your prospects engaged. This is the example I just created:


Now you only have to start the task and each new GForm response will trigger the whole sequence.


That's it! 4 steps and 5 minutes to set up an automated email sequence to ask feedback to potential users.

If you're trying out a new idea, get to talking to your prospects as soon as you can. Don't worry about fancy tools or design. Your users will appreciate it more once you start actually talking to them :)


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